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Barita Investments Limited

Barita Investments Ltd was founded in 1977 by Rita Humphries-Lewin and has been operating for over 30 years. Especially relevant is that Barita Investments state in their mission statement a commitment to providing secure investments and wise management of money and investments. In addition, they also state a belief in communicating and operating honestly, ethically and transparently. Consequently, the company has built a reputation for providing excellent services in the area of Stock Brokers, Equities Traders, Asset Mgt, Fixed Income Securities and Foreign Currency Trading.

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Stock Brokers, Equities Traders, Asset Mgt

The Barita Group consists of Barita Investments Limited and Barita Unit Trusts Management Company Limited. Therefore allows a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to be offered by the group.  Customers can expect a team of professional, experts at the Barita Group. All committed to exceeding customer expectations. Therefore, the Barita Group are stock brokers, equities traders and so much more.

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Where Can You Find Barita Investments Ltd?

Barita Investments Ltd are located in Mandeville, Montego Bay and have a New Kingston head office too. You can call New Kingston on the numbers listed, Montego Bay on  (876) 940-7201/971-4527 and the Mandeville office on (876) 625-0021/625-0031.  Another way of contacting Barita is by their website. The website also is a wealth of information regarding services available, research and bios also. Why not give Barita Investments a call today and see what they can do for you. Or click on the website link at the top of the page and start your research today.

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